Testing React App With Jest & Puppeteer

Puppeteer logo. Testing React App With Puppeteer

So you’ve created your react application and now you have to write end-to-end tests in order to make sure your application works as expected from the end user’s perspective. In this article, I will provide a simple step-by-step guide on how to achieve this using the Jest testing framework and the Puppeteer library.

Setting Environment Variables on macOS

Environment variables. MacOS.

Setting environment variables on your machine is important in many cases if you’re a software developer. I’ve written an article that discusses the advantages of environment variables, albeit in the context of Flask. In this article, I’ll provide a step-by-step guide on creating your own environment variables for use within your applications.

Structuring Large Applications In Flask Using Blueprints

Structuring Large Applications. Flask.

Flask is a wonderful framework. If you read my blog, you’ll realise just how much I love it. There are many reasons why I like Flask. The most important reason is the freedom it gives me. Freedom is power, but with great power, comes great responsibility.

5 Mistakes I Made as a New Programmer

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As a new programmer, there are multiple pitfalls awaiting you in your learning process. In fact, a lot of these mistakes are necessary as they reinforce learning through experience. However, encouraging learning through mistakes is not equivalent to encouraging making any/all mistakes possible. It is wise to not only learn from your own mistakes but those of others too. In this article, I address 5 mistakes I made as a new programmer that hindered the speed and quality of my progress.

Using Environment Variables In Flask Configuration

Flask. Configuration. Web development. Environment variables

I’ve written an article about handling flask configurations. In that article, I discussed 2 ways in which we can handle application configuration. However, there is a third method of handling flask configurations that I did not discuss: using environment variables. In this article, I’m going to expound on this method and provide code examples.

I Can Code. Why Did I Build My Site Using WordPress?


As software developers, we sometimes feel the pressure to take every possible opportunity to prove our coding skills. Whether this pressure comes from external sources or is self-inflicted, is up for debate but I’m sure most software developers can relate to this.